It's Time to Take Action!

We are hearing that the Obama administration understands that the proposed companionship rules will hurt consumer directed programs, institutionalize people and undercut our right to make decisions about our own bodies, but they intend to release them anyway...BEFORE Labor Day!

Their solution is that the Department of Labor won’t enforce the rules.  

That just doesn’t cut it!
Take Action Now!

Even if DOL won’t enforce them, states will still require consumer directed programs to follow labor law, including the rules that DOL says it won’t enforce.

States that select the Community First Choice Option MUST follow ALL labor laws.

Beside that, there are plenty lawyers out there who will sue people for not following the rules whether DOL is enforcing them or not!

A promise from DOL that they won't enforce the rules is an EMPTY PROMISE!

The three minutes they gave us to make our case to Secretary Perez was an INSULT!

The impact on people with disabilities and our attendants will be PROFOUND!

Tell the White House and your elected representatives that the disability community needs to be brought to the table and not be steamrolled over by an administration that wants a good PR event!

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You wouldn't let strangers come into your house?  Would you?

The Obama Department of Labor is trying to give my keys to almost anyone!


To keep people you don't know or trust out of your house, you can lock your doors and windows, or install an alarm.  If the Department of Labor gets its way, I will have to let strangers into my house, if I want to continue to live in the community. Why? Because I have a disability.

By forcing agencies to pay my attendants time-and-a-half for over 40 hours a week without increased Medicaid funding to pay for it, agencies will have no choice but to cut and cap the amount of hours my attendants can work.  This means, I will need to find new people to come into my home and assist me with my daily needs.  People I do not know or trust.

Finding attendants you trust is not easy.  Turnover of attendants is neither safe nor financially responsible. A few of my friends in similar situations have been victims of crime when they had to allow someone unfamiliar in their home. Checks were swiped, jewelry was “misplaced” – the same scenario can happen to anyone who allows a stranger inside their home, disabled or not! So why should the disability community be in such a vulnerable situation? 

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